Something noisy this way comes…

Jerry (my dear hubby) is currently building a violin. As you can see it is still in pieces but looking very violin like.

Violin parts and luthier planes on tableWhat I wanted to share was these cute little luthiers planes which are used on the front and back of the violin to shave it into shape. The top is important at about an eighth of an inch thick. It is shaved until it reaches a particular tone or quality of sound when tapped. It is a case of hand and ear co-ordination rather than what I needed to draw it which was hand and eye coordination.

Violin parts and luthier toolsThis is the completed journal sketch. I used watercolour paints, and pitt pens in a Strathmore mixed media journal.Click the image and you see a larger version.

luthiers tool in handThis photo of a luthiers plane will give readers a sense of scale.

I jumped ahead to Day 21 of the AJW Sketchbook challenge. The prompt simply reads – tools. If I waited around till then the violin would be made and tools back in their special box. But I might get side tracked and draw more of this process if Jerry will let me in shed and to steal parts as he works.

This is also part 147 of the Every Day Matters challenge which reads Draw or Paint something made of wood. I guess I have adapted that as well to Draw something being made of wood. Here is the Every Day Matters challenge list if you visit that page scroll to see the rest of my efforts in this challenge.

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11 Responses to Something noisy this way comes…

  1. Anneliese says:

    How lovely, Sharon, and the plane is interesting. I never saw anything like this – my violins were readily planed, ha! You caught it wonderfully.

  2. Anneliese says:

    It is not the profession of Jerry, is it? All the more my kudos. to him!!

    • sharonb says:

      HI Anneliese – Jerry was a musician for many years and has played the violin for all his adult life in the past 5 years or so he has become interested in building violins and renovating old violins. It is a very interesting process I think

  3. Terry Decker says:

    Fascinating info. and painting. I had no idea that this is how violins come to be. My son played the violin and over the years has abandoned it…which is so sad, as he was very good at it. It sits in the back of the closet. I think I’ll “dig” back there and take a good look at it. Who knows I may even have a go at drawing it? You are such an inspiration, Sharon:) Thanks!

    • sharonb says:

      Thanks Terry Violins are beautiful shapes – but then I live with a musician as Jerry has played them all our married life (35 years)

  4. This is a lovely page. I really like the design, the mirroring of the scroll work , the green background; and those tiny luthiers planes are so cute! Beautifully done.

  5. Beth in IL says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. I think you should go to his shed and borrow some tools to draw….Think of all the interesting shapes!

    • sharonb says:

      Thanks Beth for letting me know this as I was wondering if all these challenge drawings were boring for readers. I cant say how much reading your comment tickled me as I was about to cut back on them a little. I do plan to start to provide links to resources and even do some tutorials myself on Youtube but the first 3 months of this year will be busy. I feel posting drawing for the various challenges to be good for me but for others I can see how drawing after drawing of ordinary things could be boring. Thanks so much for the feedback.

  6. Chris says:

    I think Jerry is the closest thing I have ever encountered to a real polymath. It seems that whatever he sets his mind to, he does and does it well. I love the luthier’s planes, but then I live with a wood sculptor and am quite used to seeing all manner of strange and wonderful tools. I reckon they would be worth drawing….. you go first Sharon, I’ll follow, lol.

    • sharonb says:

      Yes I have been venturing inside his shed and there is a lot more to draw there than I thought – Jerry has always been curious about things and has always given something a go. I am sure it is the only reason he can put up with me!

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