Great tip for using watercolour pencils

Strathmore shares some very good videos on youtube. This video is worth watching as it is more than the usual ‘just add water’ advice. Sarah Becktel demonstrates using watercolor pencils and shares some useful techniques and tips.

I particularly liked the idea of creating a paper palette from swatches. Not only would it be handy to carry around when sketching outside but if you used it constantly you would really know how each pencil colour behaved.

Building Stamina and Seeking Grace: The Artist’s Journey

Building Stamina and Seeking Grace: The Artist’s Journey was the keynote address to the Silk Painters International Festival  given by Jane Dunnewold . Jane speaks about creativity, dealing with the internal critic, the importance of developing your technique,  and to slowing down in order to focus on what is best for your work. This talk is really worth taking some time out and listening to.

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Why is Art important?

What is Art for?
Have you ever felt afraid to ask What is Art for? Or felt you might be considered stupid for asking the question?

In this great, short, no nonsense video Alain de Botton proposes five things that explain why Art matters